Analogue GSM Gateway + Fax + SMS

Wireless Fixed Line Interface

The XSJack®T3 is the alternative to the fixed line network. It connects analogue telephones or fax machines to the GSM mobile network. Already existing devices can stay in use.


External antenna connection for optimal network coverage
Comfort features such as call forwarding and conference call
Security of the SIM card through a PIN number even over the landline phone
Easily make calls using any landline phone
Fax support, incoming and outgoing faxes are detected

Product details

Additionally, the XSJack®T3 has all the comfort functionalities of modern telephony such as call waiting, call forwarding and conference calls with a superb voice quality - and it supports SMS.

By featuring an internal memory for fax pages, a reliable transmission of documents is provided. Furthermore faxes can be received even if the local fax machine is offline.

The XSJack®T3 is designed for a permanent, personal and professional usage at home or in the office.


Radio Technology: GSM dual band 900/1800 MHz
Compatible with GSM Phase 2/2+
Telephone Functions:Make and receive calls, Emergency calls even without SIM or if SIM is blocked
Blocking of outgoing calls, 3 party conference, Call waiting signal
Call holding, Call forwarding selectable for different reasons
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP), Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)
Configurable default area code, Configurable roaming prevention or permission
PIN / PUK handling including enabling, disabling and changing PIN of the SIM card
Fax Functions:Reliable sending and receiving, Fax call forwarding
1 MB internal memory for fax storage (~15 - 50 pages)
Fax reception into in internal memory even if the local fax machine is switched off
SMS Functionality:Reception / transmission of short messages (SMS) between a connected terminal capable of handling SMS and the mobile network, Messages are buffered on the SIM card even if the user´s terminal is switched off, Configurable SMS service centre
Reliability Mechanisms:Automatic self diagnosis (watchdog reset), Reset button to reset to factory settings
Antenna:Internal antenna (XSJack®T3i only)
External dual band antenna with 1.5 m connecting cable XSJack®T3e only)
Connectors:SIM slot, drawer type, RJ11 jack for DTMF analogue telephone or fax machine
Connector for power supply, SMA plug for the external antenna (XSJack®T3e only)
Operating Enviroment:Working temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C, Rel. humidity: 10% to 70%
Housing:Measurements (WxDxH): 100 mm x 27 mm x 100 mm, Weight: 110 g, Suitable for wall mounting
Status Indicators:1 green operating LED, 1 red status LED, 3 green LEDs to indicate signal strength
Special operating states are indicated by flashing LEDs
Power Consumption:Operating voltage: 220-230 V / 50 Hz, Average power consumption: 1.8 W
Maximum power consumption: 6 W
Supported Standards:European CE
Lieferumfang:XSJack®T3e, External dual-band antenna XSJack®T3e, Internal dual-band antenna XSJack®T3i
230 V / 50 Hz power supply, User manual


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